To connect to the VPN with two-step login (DUO):

  1. Enter “” in AnyConnect Client
    AnyConnect client box for connecting to VPN.
  2. Click [Connect]
  3. The next window will ask you to enter your Username, Password, and to type in one of the following DUO options (type the word in):
    1. Push: Duo will send the authentication push to your device. Once the push is accepted, you will be connected to the VPN.
    2. Phone: Duo will call the phone number on your two-step/Duo account. Once verified, you will be connected to the VPN.
    3. Passcode: Enter the passcode generated within the DUO app. Once entered, you will be connected to the VPN.
      AnyConnect client window requesting username, password, and two-step login.
    4. You should enter your preferred DUO authentication method.

Note: Yubikey is not currently available for use with VPN two-step login.

Possible Error Message

Entering “” instead of “” will result in an error message similar to this:

AnyConnect error message when wrong URL is entered.

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