With the migration from Zimbra to Gmail, users will no longer have access to content saved to Zimbra Briefcase. The following are instructions for manually downloading and migrating content stored in Briefcase as it will not automatically be migrated with other Zimbra content such as email, contacts, and calendar.

  1. Sign in to Zimbra at mail.lafayette.edu
  2. Select the [Briefcase] tab along the top of the window
  3. Check the very top checkbox to select all the content within Briefcase or manually select the checkbox(es) of the content you would like to save
  4. Select the [Download] button
  5. All selected files will be downloaded onto your computer. From here, you can decide where you would like to store the files. Some options include:
    1. Locally on your computer
    2. External hard drive
    3. Google Drive
    4. Samba

More information on file storage can be found on the Options for Storing Data help page.