A Kaltura playlist is a way to organize multiple Kaltura video or audio files together. Playlists can only be created on media.lafayette.edu and not from My Media in Moodle. Once created, a playlist can be shared via a link or embedded in a Moodle course.

Create a new playlist

  1. After logging in to media.lafayette.edu, click on your name and select “My Playlists” from the dropdown menu
    Select "My Playlists" from the dropdown menu
  2. Click the [+ Create Playlist] button
  3. Add a title as well as a description and tags if desired
  4. Click [Create]
  5. The next screen will show a list of all your Media in Kaltura, use the “+” to add media to your playlist
  6. You can reorder the list by clicking the icon to the icon to the left of the numbered list of media and dragging the video to a new location
    Use the 'move' icon to reorder the list of media in the playlist
  7. When finished, click [Go to Playlist]

Share your Playlist with a Link

  1. On the playlist page, click [Share & Embed]
  2. The Playlist can be shared via URL with the “Share Watch Link”
    Share the playlist with the "Share Watch Link" URL

Embed your Playlist in a Moodle Course

  1. On the playlist page, click [Share & Embed]
  2. Choose the settings you want in the “Embed Settings” section (i.e. a Vertical Player or Horizontal Player)
  3. Click “Copy Embed” to copy the embed code
    Click "Copy Embed" to copy the embed code for the playlist
  4. Click [Done]
  5. Go to your Moodle course
  6. Select the “Edit Mode” toggle in the upper right.
  7. Choose the Topics Block where you want to add the assignment and click Add an activity or resource.
  8. Select the Page activity in the Activity Chooser
  9. In the Page content area, click the “down arrow” to expand the editing toolbar
  10. Click the HTML button
    Turn HTML editing view on with the HTML button
  11. Paste the Embed code you copied from the Playlist
    Paste the embed code for the playlist
  12. Click the HTML button again to see the Playlist player as the students will experience it
    Click the HTML button again to see the Playlist player
  13. Save



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