Kaltura Capture is a desktop client provided and available for free download to faculty, staff, and students for use on their college-issued or personal computers. Kaltura Capture is a video creation tool that allows for the use of multiple video or screen inputs.

Getting started

To access Kaltura Capture, go to My Media in Moodle or media.lafayette.edu (log in with your Lafayette NetID and password). Note you will need a microphone to record audio (either a built-in mic or external mic) and a webcam if you wish to record video.

  1. To create a new video, click the [ADD NEW] button and select “Kaltura Capture”
  2. You will then be prompted to either download the Kaltura Capture client if you have never accessed it before or to open the Kaltura Capture client if you have already downloaded it
    Prompt to download or open Kaltura Capture Desktop Recorder
    Note: In Kaltura Capture, you can have up to two video sources, either screen capture or webcam. To turn any of these settings off, click on the icon until it is greyed out with a line through it.
    Greyed out icon with a line through it means that the input will not be captured
  3. To select the screen capture, click “Screen” and select the appropriate display from the dropdown menu
    Choose the proper screen input by clicking the screen icon
  4. Repeat for the “Camera” and “Audio” inputs
  5. When ready, click the red button to begin the recording
  6. The recording controls allow for the pausing of the recording, ending of the recording, and use of annotation tools (click the Pencil icon)
    The Pencil icon opens annotation controls

When the recording is ended, a screen will appear allowing you to add a new title, description, or tags. Click [Save & Upload] to save it to your media. You will see a progress bar showing the upload progress. Once the video has been uploaded, it will need time to fully process in My Media.

Editing Media in Kaltura

Kaltura includes a basic video editing interface that allows for trimming and cuts. To access the Video Editor, click on the video in My Media in Moodle or media.lafayette.edu and select “Launch Editor” under the “Actions” dropdown menu.

Select "Launch Editor" in the Actions menu

In the editing timeline, the ends of the video can be trimmed by pulling in the ends of the timeline or using the bracket symbols on the “Real Time” marker. To remove segments, use the scissor icon on the “Real Time” marker to specify the beginning and end of the cut and then highlight the segment and click the trashcan.

Use the trash can to delete a clip in the video

For more in-depth information about editing, see Kaltura’s Help Page.

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