As part of the migration of content from P Drive to Google Shared drives, each department will be asked to choose a Google Workspace Steward to act as the main point of contact with ITS during the migration process.

Google Workspace Steward Responsibilities:

  • Serve as the primary contact with the department’s assigned ITS Migration Guide
  • Establish a timeline for department P Drive migration in concert with department members and the ITS liaison
  • Responsible for the department’s Google Shared drives organization
    • Determine the necessary top-level Shared drives and sub-folders
    • Establish a naming convention for the departmental Shared drives and folders
  • Manage Shared drive permissions in collaboration with members of the department
    • Create and manage Google Groups for access control to departmental Shared drives and sub-folders if necessary
  • Facilitate self-migration of content from the P Drive to Google Shared drives (see Google Drive Migration Workflow and Migrating from P Drive to Google Shared drives for the specifics of what is involved)
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