Managing Content in MediaSpace

Uploading and Publishing Media

  1. Visit
  2. Click the "login" link in the upper right "Guest" dropdown.
  3. Enter your Lafayette credentials.
  4. From here you have several options under the blue [Add New] button: 
    1. Media Upload (existing media): 
      • Click "+Choose a file to upload".
      • Browse to locate your media file and click [Open].
      • Fill in details such as Name, Description and Tags. Save.
      • Choose your desired privacy setting.  If Publishing, select the Category you wish to publish to.
    2. Webcam Recording:
      • Select "Allow" when asked about allowing access to your camera and microphone.
      • Click anywhere to start recording, click again to stop recording.
      • Fill in details such as Name, Description and Tags. Save.
      • Choose your desired privacy setting.  If Publishing, select the Category you wish to publish to.
    3. Capture Video
      • If this is your first time accessing this option, you will be prompted to download the Kaltura CaptureSpace Desktop Recorder for either Windows or for Mac.
      • Once downloaded and opened, you can use the recorder to record your screen, screen & webcam, webcam, or voice.
      • Choose the appropriate option, make your recording, and use the Kaltura CaptureSpace Desktop Recorder controls to end the recording [Done].
      • An editing window will open allowing for review and trimming of the video, once finished, click [Done].
      • You will now be prompted to add a Title, Description, Tags.
      • From here, [Upload] will upload the video to your library on and [Save] will save the video locally on your computer.
    4. Video Quiz
      • This option allows for the addition of quiz questions to existing content in your Media Library.
      • Choose the media you wish to turn into a video quiz with the blue [Select] button.
      • The Quiz Editor will appear allowing you to add multiple choice questions as well as in-video tips at any point in the video.
      • When finished, you can preview the video quiz and then select [Go To Media] to save the video quiz.
      • The quiz can be shared or embedded using the [Share] button.
      • To review completions of the quiz, use the "Actions" dropdown to navigate to "Analytics," this will give you a breakdown of who has viewed the quiz and how they did on the quiz.
    • Note:  the Lafayette Community can only publish to public categories by default unless given specific permission to publish to a Private category. To request an additional category, or request permission to use an existing one, contact the Help Desk at

To add captions to a video, see

Creating and adding videos to a playlist

Playlists are a great way to group videos.

  1. In the "Guest" or Username dropdown, select "My Media".
  2. Place a check by the videos to be added to your playlist.
  3. In the "Actions" dropdown, choose "+add to Playlist"
  4. In the "Create New Playlist" box, enter a name, then click Create. Save. 
  5. Select "Go to My Playlists" to view.

Downloading Content

Owners of content uploaded into MediaSpace have the option to download their own media.

  1. Select the media to download then choose Edit.
  2. In the Downloads tab, choose the Available Formats desired (ie., Small, HD, Source).  Save.  Select [Go To Media] button.
  3. Click the Download button and select the download format under Actions.

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