If you’ve deleted email(s) by mistake and cannot find the email in the Trash folder then you can request a restore from our our backups. Backups protect email up to one week old for Students, Faculty, and Staff. To request an email restore open a Help Desk ticket.

When do backups occur?

Email backups occur on a daily basis

What gets backed up?

When an email account is backed up it saves the entire account. This includes:

  • Email
  • Contacts
  • Calendar
  • Even Webmail preferences

Recovery Requests

To make a recovery request, you’ll want to first open a Help Desk ticket. It is important to include the following information:

  • The account that is to be restored
  • When the data to be restored was lost
  • What data needs to be restored
  • A phone number of the account owner

ITS will then attempt to restore the account from a time prior to when the data was lost. For example, if the data was lost yesterday, the restore will be targeted for yesterday morning. If the recovery is successful, there will be a new account created to contain the restored data. These accounts are usually called restored_[NetID].

So if ITS restored John Doe’s data, and his NetID is doej, the restored account would be called restored_doej. Once the mailbox is restored, a temporary password is assigned and will be communicated to the account owner over the phone.

Please Note

  • After the restored account has been created, you will have two weeks to retrieve the data you need and import it into your regular email account. If you need more time, please request it from the Help Desk.

Accessing restored data

Once the data is restored and you’ve been provided the account information by ITS, you’re ready to to begin.

  1.  Using the credentials provided, login to mail.lafayette.edu.
  2. Once you’re logged in, see if the lost data is present.

If the missing data is present, move on to the next section. If your data is not present, contact the individual in ITS who gave you the account information to discuss your options.

Export lost data

Once you’ve located the lost data, we need to prepare it for export. Create a new mail folder called Restore and copy all of the data you wish to restore into it.

1. Click the [Preferences] tab.

2. Click Import/Export on the menu

3. Under the “Export” heading, select the mail folder you’d like to export by clicking the the button next to “Source” (by default the button will say [All folders]).

4. Click [Export], and you’ll be prompted to download the exported archive once it completes.

5. Log out of the restored_[NetID] account.

Import exported data

Warning: this procedure will not work if the size of the archive file (with the extension .tgz) is greater than 50M. If you have this problem please contact the Help Desk.

1. Log in to your regular account. Make sure you have the downloaded archive on the computer you’re using.

2. Go to the [Preferences] tab and select Import/Export. This time, use the Import heading. Click the [Browse] button, and find the archive you exported from the restored_[NetID] account (the file will have the extension .tgz).

3. Select a destination for your restore. ITS recommends creating a new folder and restoring to that. This way there is no chance that any data will be overwritten.

4. If you’re restoring to a new folder, you can generally ignore the advanced options and the duplicate control. However, it can’t hurt to set the advanced options to ONLY import “Mail” which is what you’re typically trying to restore.

5. Click the [Import] button, and your data should be imported into the new folder you selected.

6. Now you should be able to find your data in the mail tab. The import preserves the directory structure, so you may find a series of folders inside the restored folder; drill down and your restored data should be there.

Once these steps are complete, you should be able to move the mail out of the temporary folder and into your folder of choice.