ITS is excited to announce we are adopting Google My Drive as the College’s personal file storage solution beginning today. We know many already are using it and so we will be phasing out U Drive storage by August 2020. Google My Drive has a number of helpful features including the ability to easily share files, to integrate with other G Suite products like Gmail and Calendar, and to access files from nearly any device.

When will I lose access to my U Drive?

  • July 1, 2020 – Your U Drive will become read-only. No more content can be saved to the U Drive.
  • August 1, 2020 – You will no longer be able to access your U Drive.

Additional FAQs

Can I get help moving to Google My Drive?

Yes, there is in-person training scheduled for:

Help Documentation on using Google Drive can be found on the Help website.

What is the difference between Google My Drive and Shared drives?

  • My Drive – used for storing and optionally sharing personal documents and files
  • Shared drives – used for storing documents and files to be shared among colleagues or teams and that should not be owned by any one individual

For more information about the differences between the drives, see Google Shared drives and My Drive Differences.

What is Drive File Stream?

Drive File Stream is a tool that allows you to access and open your Google Drive files and folders directly on your computer. Instructions for accessing and/or installing Drive File Stream can be found on the Getting Started with File Stream help page.

What about the P Drive?

We will begin engaging the community to migrate P Drive contents to Shared drives on Google Drive sometime later in 2020. In you have already moved your P Drive contents, or are interested in moving your P Drive contents this spring, please complete this form.

Help with Large Files

  • Trying to move extremely large files or folders may result in unexpected failure. If you have trouble transferring large folders, try transferring smaller chunks one at a time.
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