How To Connect to the Network

Access to the campus network requires each device's unique hardware address (MAC address) be registered in PacketFence, the technology that provides Network Access Control. If you are interested in learning more about the network, visit Network Access Control – how does it work? and NAC FAQ – questions and answers about the PacketFence implementation.

Connecting to the wireless network
Mac users: connecting via Ethernet
Students using Windows: connecting via Ethernet
Faculty and Staff using Windows: connecting via Ethernet

Connecting to The Wireless Network

If you wish to connect wirelessly, the first time you connect you will be prompted to log in using a pop-up window. On a Mac and iOS, the window will appear automatically. On PC and Android, you may need to open a browser (Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome) to log in. You will be redirected to a page like this:

A screenshot of the login page for PacketFence

Accept the terms and log in using your Lafayette NetID and password.
If you are not prompted to enter your username and password and can connect to the network, your information has already been transferred to the server and there is no need to log in.

Connecting via Ethernet on a Mac

If you are using a Mac and wish to connect via Ethernet cable (a hardwired connection) you will be prompted to use a protocol called 802.1x. Log in using your network username and password.
Enter the name and password for this 802.1X network
You will then be prompted to accept the certificate. Click continue.  You may periodically see this prompt again as the server certificate needs to be renewed periodically. To maintain connection to the network you will need to trust the renewed certificate.
Before authenticating to server "", you should examine the server's certificate to ensure that it is appropriate for this network.

You may be prompted to authenticate to modify your Trust Settings, simply enter your password and click "Update Settings"

You are making changes to your Certificate Trust Settings. Type your password to allow this.

Student Connecting via Ethernet on Windows

If you are a student and wish to connect to the network using a hardwired connection, you will follow the same instructions as if you were connecting to the wireless network.

Faculty and Staff Connecting via Ethernet on Windows

You will not need to do anything different to connect to the network. When you log in to the domain, it will connect to the new system in the background.

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