Portal FAQ

Q: Did you buy specific portal software or hire someone to develop the portal?
A: After a comprehensive and campus-wide RFP process, Portland Webworks was selected to assist in the development of a Drupal-based custom portal platform for the College. Since that time, design and development of the portal has progressed, led by ITS and involving members of the campus community.

Q: Why did you pick Drupal?
A: The portal will serves as a high profile hub and starting point to access other online services available to campus constituents. Drupal gave us the ability to build a portal that provides a technical foundation for a secure, modern web service infrastructure on which the College can grow for many years to come.

Q: What can users expect to see in the portal?
A: In the initial launch faculty, staff and students are able to access Banner Self-Service, Zimbra, Moodle, Spaces, Google Drive, and a new community posting board called The List while only logging in once. The page allows for a user-customized view of blocks that include emergency alerts from e2campus, email inbox, personal calendar, course and site lists from Moodle and Spaces, calendar of events, campus directory, RSS feeds of campus announcements and news, and task oriented blocks of links to both publically available web pages as well as deep links into private systems such as Banner Self-Service.

Q: I have a great idea for an addition to the portal, how do I submit that?
A: Future portal development will follow the College‚Äôs IT project request process. There is also a Feedback form in the portal block labeled "About my.lafayette" that can be used to submit your idea.

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