Lafayette faculty, staff, and students can share their Google Calendars with other Google Calendars. However, sharing with non-Google Calendars can be accomplished only by making your calendar publicly available.

Sharing Google Calendars with other Google Calendars

Google provides detailed documentation for sharing Google Calendars with other Google Calendars.

Sharing Google Calendars with non-Google Calendars

To share your Google Calendar with a non-Google Calendar, you will need to make your Google Calendar publicly available.


Subscribing to a Zimbra calendar (for Gmail early adopters)

Early adopters to Gmail may want to subscribe to some of their co-workers’ Zimbra calendars to see their availability overlaid with their own. For this to work, your co-workers need to make their calendars publicly available, which means their calendars would be readable by anyone who has the URL. Co-worker calendars shared this way will refresh every few hours, so not instantly. To confirm their schedule, you can continue to visit your shared calendars in Zimbra until everyone has been migrated to Gmail.

What your co-workers need to do:
  1. Log into Webmail and select the “Calendar” tab.
  2. Right-click the calendar they wish to share with you–usually this is “Calendar”– and select “Share Calendar.”
  3. Select “Public (view only, no password required).”
  4. Right-click the URL ending in “Calendar.ics” to copy the link.
  5. They should email you this URL.
Subscribing to your co-workers publicly available calendar:
  1. Visit “Add someone else’s Google calendar” instructions provided by Google.
  2. Follow the “Add using a link” instructions.