Smbweb Retirement

In a pinch, you can view and download your files using Smbweb from a web browser on your Windows, macOS, or Linux device. When possible, we strongly recommend using the methods outlined in Accessing Lafayette file shares over Smbweb.

Looking for an alternate way to store and access data from the web? We recommend Google Drive.

Please note

  • Smbweb is not supported on mobile browsers.

Log in

To access Smbweb navigate to from your web browser.

Enter your Lafayette NetID and password and click the blue circle button or press the Enter key to login.

After a successful login, you will see a menu entitled My Workspaces which contains two file shares. Select the file share containing the files you’re looking to access.

Which file share do I select?

ITS offers two types of file shares:

Your Personal Home Share: This is a private network share accessible only to you which cannot be shared with others. The address for your home share is:

  • \\\home

All other file shares: This is a network share that nearly everyone in the college has access to but with differing levels of privilege; e.g. only people in the Athletics department may have access to the Athletics directory. The address for this share is:

  • \\\shared


You can navigate between the Home and Shared file shares by clicking the down arrow in the top-left corner.

You can navigate to other directories by clicking on them in the folders window on the left, or by double-clicking on them in the main window.


Note: the top-level directory of the Shared repository is not writeable, and thus you may not make new directories, make new files, or upload files to it.



Double clicking on any file will prompt you to download the file. Other file options including Copy, and create Shortcut are available via the ‘More’ button on the toolbar.


Upload files to Smbweb quickly using the drag-and-drop feature. Simply locate the file you wish to upload, and drag it into the Smbweb window. ¬†You may also use the ‘Upload’ button on the toolbar. You can choose files to upload by either dragging them into the box or selecting them via the ‘Select files on your computer’ button.

The upload window will close automatically when the upload is complete.

You can create a new folder in the current directory using the ‘Create’ button on the toolbar, or by right clicking inside the window and selecting ‘Create.’

After clicking ‘Create’ give the directory a name and click the blue circle button to finish creating the new directory.


When you are finished, logout using the Log Out button on the toolbar.