A directory of help documentation organized by topic.



Accessibility Learn more about the best practices for creating and maintaining accessible digital content.
Account Management Information about managing your Lafayette accounts including NetID and using Two-Step Login.
Alumni Information for Alumni including available IT services and information about email.
Audio/Video Learn about using Kaltura for audio/video content creation and hosting as well as Audacity for audio creation and editing.
Banner Self-Service Information about Banner Self-Service login.
Calendar Sharing your email, contacts, and calendar.
Directory Learn about editing and updating the Online Directory.
Email Helpful information about using Lafayette Gmail, including smartphone configuration.
File Services Learn about file storage options on and off campus using Samba (network storage) or cloud storage (Google Drive).
Frequently Asked Questions A collection of some of the College’s most frequently asked questions.
Research and High-Performance Computing Information about Lafayette’s¬†expanding research and high-performance computing (HPC) resources and capabilities.
Learning Support Information about Moodle, WordPress, Wolfram, Lecture Capture, and other services related to teaching.
Network Information on how to connect devices to the Network and using VPN.
Phones Basic information and frequently asked questions about the phone system (Unified Communications).
Portal  Information on the campus portal (my.lafayette.edu)
Security Information about digital security including safe computing and what to do if your Lafayette NetID is compromised.
Smart Classrooms Learn more about smart classrooms on campus and some of the features they offer.
Software A list of both licensed software and freely available software currently being used in teaching, research, and productivity.
Surveys and Forms Learn about Qualtrics and other survey and form options available.
Training Information about using LinkedIn Learning, an online training library.
Web Conferencing Information about using Zoom for web conferencing and other applications.
Websites Help documentation related to using WordPress on Forge and Sites.