Accessing Video Analytics

Once you have created media content with Kaltura and published in Moodle, you may wish to view the analytics to get an idea of if and how users are accessing your media.

  1. Visit, and navigate to the relevant course page.
  2. From the list of options under your name towards the left side of the screen, click [Media Gallery]. Here, you will see all of the media content available to students within this course (note: you need to add the media to the course using the Kaltura Media Resource).
  3. To view video analytics, select the button for [Channel Actions] and choose [Analytics] from the dropdown menu.
    Channel Actions Dropdown Menu

Kaltura Analytics

From the Analytics page, you can access data related to the media in a given course for a specific time period.

Kaltura Analytics landing page

  • Dashboard
    • This tab provides an overview of media views and plays.
    • By default, it also includes a list of the most popular media, the users that engage with media the most, and the users that contributed to the media gallery.
  • Media
    • This tab provides a list of all media in the gallery for the course, and includes data such as total plays, total view time, average view time, and average drop off time (when students stop viewing the media).
    • This table is available to export as a CSV or print.
  • Engagement
    • This view of the data provides a list of all users in the course, and some specific viewership data for each user, including the number of unique videos watched, the number of views, average view time, average drop-off time (for each user, across all media), and number of plays.
    • This table is available to export as a CSV or print.
  • Contribution
    • This view of the data provides a list of all contributors of media to the course.
    • If you created your own media for the course, it is likely that there will not be any relevant data in this tab for you to use.
    • This data is available to export as a CSV or print.
  • Time Frame
    • Using the dropdown menu, you can change the time frame for which you wish to see analytics.
    • The default setting will show the analytics for the last 30 days.
      Kaltura Analytics time frame dropdown menu options
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