Campus Wireless Network Access

There are two wireless networks available in all on-campus housing, academic, and support buildings; eduroam and LC.

  • eduroam: The prefered wireless network for most devices on campus, eduroam is a secure, world-wide roaming access service developed for the international research and education community. 
  • LC: The LC wireless network is mostly for devices that can not use eduroam due to technical limitations.

eduroam Wireless Network

eduroam (education roaming) enables visiting students, faculty, and staff of participating institutions to easily gain secure network access using their home institution credentials. It also provides Lafayette community members the same capability when visiting participating institutions. For more information on eduroam and a list of member organizations please visit

To access the eduroam network:

  1. Open the network settings on your device and select the "eduroam" network.
  2. Once connected your device will prompt you for a username (you must enter your full email address for the username instead of your NetID) and password.

LC Wireless Network

The LC network can be used for devices that cannot use eduroam due to technical limitations. 

To access the LC wireless network:

  1. Open the network settings on your device and select the "LC" network.
  2. Open a browser, which will redirect you to enter your NetID.
  3. Follow the on-screen prompts.

Guest Wireless Access

Visitors who do not have access to eduroam may request a guest NetID from a Lafayette sponsor. Lafayette sponsors can create temporary guest credentials using guest registration. Guest credentials can be used on eduroam or LC.

Wireless Access for Games and Devices

If you have a game console (e.g., Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo DS, Wii) or a similar network device without a web browser (e.g., Apple TV, Roku) and would like to use it from a campus residence, please register your network device. Note: If you already registered your device during a previous year, you do not need to do so again. Game consoles and other such devices must use the LC network.

For help connecting to the wireless network, please contact the Help Desk at (610) 330-5501 or

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