When to use your Lafayette credentials

Lafayette College’s information technology (IT) resources are intended to support the educational, administrative, and campus life activities of the College. The use of these resources is a privilege extended to members of the Lafayette community, including students, employees and alumni. The Acceptable Use Policy establishes specific requirements for the use of computing and network resources at Lafayette College.

Authentication to an application does not automatically grant access to resources in that application. For example, alumni can authenticate to Moodle or Spaces, but if they have not been assigned to course sites, they will not have access to resources in the application.  

Single sign-on applications

Single sign-on (SSO) is a session/user authentication process that allows a user to provide credentials once in order to access multiple applications. This table includes applications that are part of Lafayette's SSO process. In a few cases, you may have to identify Lafayette College, but will most likely not have to retype your Lafayette credentials again to access the service.

Application AlumniFaculty & StaffStudents
Announcements/ Campus Calendar more info  
Badges more info  
Banner Self-Service / BEIS  
Directory full version    
GoLeopards Athletic tickets    
Google Apps    

Hathi Trust

JSTOR for Alumni      
lynda.com more info  
Moodle - Classes more info
Moodle - Spaces more info
Portal  more info
Qualtrics  more info
University Tickets for Student Life Events    
Zimbra Email/Calendar more info  

Single sign-out

Just as logging into any SSO-enabled web application will allow you to login to any other SSO-enabled app, logging out of one will end your ability to log into other apps. It won't end your session in any other apps you have open in your web browser. If you login to My Lafayette, go to Webmail in a separate window, and then logout of Webmail, your My Lafayette session will still be active, but when you try and log in to Moodle you will be prompted to authenticate again. You can single sign-out by either logging out of an SSO-enabled web app or by quitting your browser.

When single sign-out won't work

There are certain web browser settings that cause single sign-on to behave unexpectedly. These settings hold on to the browser's previous session, and cause SSO to become confused. When this happens, quitting your browser may not allow you to log out. Disabling this feature in your browser fixes the problem.


  • Go to Preferences > General.
  • Set "When Firefox starts" to "Show a blank page" or "Show my home page".
    • Don't use "Show my windows and tabs from last time".


  • Go to Preferences.
  • Set "On startup" to "Open New Tab page"
    • Do not use "Continue where I left off"

Other applications that use Lafayette credentials

The following applications also use Lafayette credentials for authentication, but they are not part of the SSO session. Logging in to or out of one of these applications has no effect on your authentication to another service. 

Application AlumniFaculty & StaffStudents
Alumni Community (Wordpress) more info  
Course Evaluations    
Depts (Wordpress)    
Forge (WordPress)    
Interlibrary Loan (Illiad)    
Internet Access on campus  more info
Library Record    
Residence Hall Floor Plans    
Samba network storage more info  
Sites (Wordpress)    
SMBWeb / AjaxPlorer more info  
Unified Communications more info  

Applications with alternate credentials

ApplicationCredentialsApplication Owner
Banner INB INB username/password ITS
CaterTrax CaterTrax username/password Catering

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