At Lafayette, we're committed to outfitting our community with the tools it needs to succeed.

College Licensed Software

The College offers a variety of software packages, catering to both the professional and the learner. Many of these applications are already installed on College equipment or are made available through our enterprise distribution platforms for Windows and macOS.

Some applications will soon be available in your browser through Amazon AppStream2.0, allowing you to access the Windows applications you need in a fast and platform agnostic way. More information will available as this service is released.

TitleAppStream Stack
ABBYY FineReaderGeneral Lab
Adobe Creative CloudGeneral Lab
Engineering: General Lab
Adobe Digital EditionsGeneral Lab
AlcamberEngineering: General Lab
AnacondaEngineering: General Lab
ANSYSEngineering: Graphics Enhanced Lab
ArcGIS DesktopGeneral Lab
Engineering: Graphics Enhanced Lab
ArcGISProGeneral Lab
Engineering: Graphics Enhanced Lab
aspenONEEngineering: General Lab
Audacity+LAMEGeneral Lab
Autodesk SuiteEngineering: Graphics Enhanced Lab
Bentley ConcreteEngineering: Graphics Enhanced Lab
CSI BridgeEngineering: Graphics Enhanced Lab
CSI ETABSEngineering: Graphics Enhanced Lab
CSI SAP2000Engineering: Graphics Enhanced Lab
ECE LinuxEngineering: General Lab
Engineering Equation SolverEngineering: General Lab
ETCnomadGeneral Lab
GaussianGeneral Lab
GaussViewGeneral Lab
GibbsCAMEngineering: General Lab
Google ChromeAll Labs
Google Earth ProGeneral Lab
Google Drive File Stream
HEC-HMSEngineering: General Lab
HEC-RASEngineering: General Lab
JGeneral Lab
Kaltura Personal Capture
Kurzweil 3000General Lab
LabVIEWEngineering: Graphics Enhanced Lab
LEAP Bridge Concrete
MathematicaGeneral Lab
MATLABGeneral Lab
Engineering: Enhanced Graphics Lab
McTrans HCSEngineering: General Lab
Mestrelab Research NovaGeneral Lab
Microsoft Office Professional PlusAll Labs
MinitabEngineering: General Lab
Mozilla FirefoxAll Labs
NetLogoGeneral Lab
NUMECA Fine OpenEngineering: Graphics Enhanced Lab
NUMECA Fine TurboEngineering: Graphics Enhanced Lab
Oracle VirtualBox
OrangeEngineering: General Lab
PolymathEngineering: General Lab
PythonGeneral Lab
Engineering: General Lab
QGISGeneral Lab
RGeneral Lab
Engineering: General Lab
RStudioGeneral Lab
Engineering: General Lab
RMS CreatorGeneral Lab
RocScienceEngineering: General Lab
SketchUP Pro
SPSSGeneral Lab
Stata/SEGeneral Lab
Stratasys Insight
SuperProEngineering: General Lab
SwimmyGeneral Lab
Vectorworks DesignGeneral Lab
VLC Media PlayerAll Labs
Wolfram Alpha Pro
Xilinx VivadoEngineering: General Lab
Yamaha QLI editorGeneral Lab
ZoomGeneral Lab
ZoteroGeneral Lab

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