There are two ways to add files to your Moodle course site.

Dragging and dropping files

Moodle allows you to drag files from your computer directly to your course page.

  1. Click the [Turn editing on] button on the top right corner of your course page.
  2. Locate on your device the file or files you want to add, then drag them into a topic block.
  3. Be sure you see “Add file(s) here” on the topic block before releasing.
    Adding a file to a topic block using drag and drop in Moodle

Adding a file from the interface

However, you may want to add a file manually to configure additional options such as a custom name or description.

  1. Click the [Turn editing on] button in the top right corner of your course page.
  2. Within the topic block click Add an activity or resource.
  3. A pop-up window with open with all the activity or resource options, click on the File icon.
  4. Enter a display name for the file. You also can enter a description of the file that will display on the course page by checking “Display description on course page.”
  5. Drag-and-drop the file from the computer, or click the [Add] button followed by Upload a file.
  6. Click the [Choose file] button to select the file.
  7. Click the [Upload this file] button.
  8. Click the [Save and return to course] button.
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