Preview Folder Contents

Folders are a useful way to group content together and now have the option to allow students to preview the folder contents on the main course page as well as an optional [Download folder] button to download the contents.

Expanded folder view on Moodle course homepage with "Download Folder" button

Enable Folder Preview

In the “Edit Settings” interface for the folder, set “Display folder contents” to “Inline on a course page” to display a preview of the folder contents. Check the box for “Show download folder button” if you would like the [Download folder] button to display.

Black circle around "Inline on a course page" option for "Display folder contents". "Show download folder button" is also checked.

Allowing students to upload and share files in Moodle

Sometimes an instructor may want to have students share files with the class. By making a permission change, students can upload files to a Moodle Folder. Note: students will be able to view and delete any files in this folder.

  1. Create a folder.
    1. Click the [Turn editing on] button to begin editing.
    2. Hover over a topic block then click Add an activity or resource. Select the “Folder” option under Resources. 
    3. Enter a name.
    4. Click the [Save and display] button.
  2. Click the gear icon and select “Permissions”.
  3. To allow students access to upload and view/manage others’ files:
    1. Select Student from the “Advanced role override” drop-down menu.
    2. Set Manage files in folder module to “Allow.”
    3. Set View folder content to “Allow.”
    4. Click the [Save changes] button at the bottom of the screen.
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