Sometimes an instructor may want to have students share files with the class. By making a permission change, students can upload files to a Moodle Folder. Note: students will be able to view and delete any files in this folder.

  1. Create a folder.
    1. Click the gear menu, and then click Turn editing on.
    2. Select the “Folder” option under Resources and click the [Add] button or just double-click the “Folder” option. Hover over a topic block then click Add an activity or resource.
    3. Enter a name.
    4. Click the [Save and display] button.
  2. Click the gear icon and select “Permissions”.
  3. To allow students access to upload and view/manage others’ files:
    1. Select Student from the “Advanced role override” drop-down menu.
    2. Set Manage files in folder module to “Allow.”
    3. Set View folder content to “Allow.”
    4. Click the [Save changes] button at the bottom of the screen.
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