Creating accessible Qualtrics surveys ensures that all participants have an equivalent experience regardless of their abilities when completing a survey.  The following provides information about best practices in survey creation and how to test surveys for accessibility.

Checking Survey Accessibility

Each time you create a new survey in Qualtrics or make changes to an existing survey, it is a good practice to make sure it is fully accessible to all participants.  Run the Qualtrics Accessibility Checker by choosing the “Tools” drop-down menu, select “Review”, and then “Check Survey Accessibility”. A report will appear at the top of the survey detailing any accessibility issues as well as suggestions for improvements.

Using Images and Videos in Qualtrics

Please make sure all videos embedded in questions/answers within your survey have captions included.  Instructions for adding captions to videos housed at can be found at instructions for adding captions in Kaltura.

Any images that are part of a survey question or answer should have alt text provided for them as a way to convey the pertinent information to those participants using screen readers.  To add alt text, go to Library > Graphics Library. Upload the graphic/image you wish to use or select an existing graphic/image. Click the Gear Icon and select “Edit Graphic”, enter the alt text in the Description field, [Save Changes].

Accessible Question Types:

  • Descriptive Text
  • Multiple Choice (all types)
  • Net Promoter Score
  • Matrix (only rank order, constant sum, text entry, profile, and Likert with carousel view enabled)
  • Text Entry (all types)
  • Rank Order (only Text Box, Graphic, and Radio Buttons)
  • Side by Side
  • Constant Sum (only Choices)
  • Drill Drown
  • Timing
  • Meta Info
  • Captcha verification
  • Slider

Inaccessible Question Types:

  • Matrix (Likert, bipolar, and MaxDiff, as well as any matrix table that is drag and drop)
  • Rank Order (Drag and Drop and Select Box)
  • Constant Sum (Sliders and Bars)
  • Pick, Group, and Rank
  • Hot Spot
  • Heat Map
  • Graphic Slider
  • Signature
  • Highlight
  • File upload
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