ITS recommends sending large attachments using FileSender, a service provided through our affiliation with Internet2. However, Gmail also can send large attachments by automatically leveraging Google Drive for attachments greater than 25MBs.

While both FileSender and Gmail are provided by trusted partners, they should be used only to share files that do not contain protected information, which is defined in the College’s Data Stewardship policy.

Sending large attachments using FileSender

FileSender allows you to send up to a 1TB file. If you have more than one file, you can compress it as a ZIP file. To send an attachment using FileSender:

  1. Log in to and click FileSender from the “Connect to My Accounts” block, or you can log in to FileSender directly.
  2. Follow the prompts in FileSender to upload and send your attachment.

Sending large attachments using Gmail

You can send multiple attachments using Gmail in a browser. These instructions do not apply to local clients (e.g., Outlook, Mac Mail).

  1. Log in to and click Gmail from the “My G Suite” block.
  2. Attach files as you normally would.
  3. If the total size of the files is greater than 25MBs, Gmail will automatically add the files to your My Drive space in Google Drive.
  4. A link to these documents will be sent in the message to your recipient.

Further details about this service are available from Google.