Students requiring documented accommodations, or students absent the day of a quiz, may require additional time for, or access to, Quizzes in Moodle. Granting that extended access is a simple process using the following steps.

  1. In your Moodle course, select the “Edit Mode” toggle in the upper right to begin editing the course site.
  2. Open the Quiz or Assignment you wish to modify.
  3. Select the More tab, and choose Overrides.
  4. Click the [Add user override] button and enter the override settings you wish you utilize.
    1. Select the student(s) from the list.
    2. You may set a password to access the quiz.
    3. The “Time limit” option allows you to set the length of time allowed for the student.
    4. The number of quiz attempts can be set under “Attempts allowed.”
    5. Click [Save].
    6. These overrides will be listed on the User Overrides page.
    7. User overrides will need to be set for each applicable quiz or assignment in the course.
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