Each year, ITS replaces approximately 25% of all full-time Faculty (Full, Associate, Assistant Professor) office computers in addition to deploying new computer equipment to new tenure track Faculty.

The Process

In April of each year, ITS sends out a survey to existing Faculty members whose computers are slated for replacement. Any new Faculty, as indicated to ITS from the Office of the Provost, are also included in this survey.

The survey is a collaborative effort between the Faculty member and ITS. Its purpose is to communicate what computer options are available, facilitate the purchase of the desired machine, and schedule its installation.

After completion of the survey, and confirmation between the Faculty member and ITS, the machine will be purchased in mid-June, and installations will begin after July 15th.

Who is eligible for a new computer?

ITS provides new computer equipment to full-time Faculty. This includes:

  • Tenured Faculty
  • Tenure-track Faculty
  • Full-time Instructors

What about computers for Visiting/Adjunct Faculty?

ITS does not send survey’s to Visiting/Adjunct Faculty members, but instead maintains both Windows and macOS desktops for use by Visiting/Adjunct Faculty. These devices, like other computers maintained by ITS, are replaced on a four-year replacement cycle.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often are computers replaced?

The program is currently operating on a four-year replacement cycle.

How do I know if I'm eligible for a replacement?

Sometime in April, Faculty whose computers are scheduled for replacement will be contacted by ITS to begin the discussion of options, special needs, and scheduling.

Where does the funding come from?

Funds for Faculty office computers come out of the College’s Consolidated Technology Budget.

Why are office computers being replaced regularly instead of when they no longer work?

  • A regular cycle of replacement helps keep pace with changing technologies.
  • It helps budget for inevitable replacements in a planned manner.
  • It minimizes the possibility that your work will be compromised by the failure of equipment no longer suited to task.

What are my options?

All full-time faculty can choose between a desktop system or a laptop system, and between Windows, macOS, and Linux. All systems have similar hardware configurations; the minimum specifications for replacement systems are chosen with an eye towards current and anticipated computing needs.

The survey will contain specific models for that year, and ITS will confirm the system specifications with you before purchase.

Can I have a second monitor?

ITS provides one display per configuration.

If you would like a second display, we can assist in the purchase process, but the funding will need to come from your department.

Speak to your Department Head for approval.


Can I have an alternate monitor?

ITS selects a single display as the standard.

If you would like a display other than standard one offered, ITS will cover the cost up to the dollar amount of the standard display. Any additional cost would be covered by your department.

Speak to your Department Head for approval.

What happens to my files, programs, and settings?

ITS staff will transfer all of your important data to your new system and install current versions of all campus-licensed software. If you have any licensed applications that were not installed by ITS, you will need to supply the installation media for these applications if you would like to have them installed on your new computer.

Am I required to be present during the installation of my new computer?

ITS prefers that you be present for privacy reasons and so that you can confirm that your new system is configured according to your preferences.  In order to fully complete the configuration of your new computer, your presence is required. A member of ITS will work with you to schedule a convenient time and discuss any details.

When do computer replacements happen?

Replacements will begin as soon as the new equipment is received, typically in early July. Every effort will be made to complete the installation according to your scheduling preferences. However, due to volume and limited time, installation may run into the fall term.

What happens to my current computer once its replaced?

Your old system will be stored securely at ITS until a time when all data can be wiped clean from it in preparation for its next life.

Computers that cannot be reused on campus will be donated to non-profit organizations. Computers that are considered unusable will be disposed of by an approved electronics recycler.

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