Google Drive is Lafayette’s preferred location for online storage of files, documents, and other content. It is made up of two kinds of drives:

  • My Drive: used for storing of personal documents and files
  • Shared drives: used for storing documents and files to be shared among colleagues or teams and that should not be owned by any one individual

To learn more about the differences between the two, see Google Shared Drives and My Drive Differences.

Working in My Drive

New files and folders can be added to My Drive by clicking the [+ New] button in Google Drive. This allows you to create new folders, Google file formats, and to upload files and folders. My Drive can be accessed via the web interface as well as from your desktop using Drive File Stream. To learn about setting up and using Drive File Stream, see Getting Started with File Stream.

Sharing Files and Folders

To share files or folders in My Drive:

  1. Right-click on the file(s) or folder(s).
  2. Click Share.
    Right-click a file/folder to share with others
  3. Enter the names, email addresses, or Google Group name you would like to share the content with.
    1. To change the level of access others will have to the content, click on the Pencil on the right and choose from the appropriate option.
      Set the level of access others have to your My Drive content
  4. My Drive’s default behavior is to notify those the content has been shared with via email. If you don’t want to notify them, click Advanced and uncheck Notify people.
  5. You can also get a shareable link by clicking Get shareable link in the upper righthand corner. To change the level of access the link provides to others, click can view and choose the appropriate option.

For more information on levels of access to shared content and the options available for link sharing, see My Drive File Sharing Access and Permissions.

Note: If you share with a non-Gmail email address, the person will only be able to view the file.

Editing Access of Previously Shared Content

To see who has shared access to your My Drive content, click Advanced from the “Share with others” dialogue box.

See who has access to My Drive content with the Advanced button in Share with others

Find Files Shared with You

In Shared with me in the left side menu in Google Drive, you can see the following:

  • Files and folders shared with you
  • Files shared with a link that you have opened

To add the files to My Drive:

  1. From Shared with me, click on the files or folders you want to add to My Drive.
  2. Right click the files or folders and select Add shortcut to Drive. A shortcut is a link out to the original file or folder.
  3. Choose the folder in which you would like to add the shortcut.
  4. Click Add shortcut.

Note: Content shared with you is not visible in Drive File Stream unless you add it as a shortcut first.

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