You can use roles to assign permissions to members of your Google Group. There are three default roles in Google Groups.

Default Google Group roles


The owner role has the highest level of permissions and can do the following:

  • Change group settings.
  • Add or remove group members, including owners.
  • Send messages to the group.
  • Delete the group.
  • Export group memberships and messages.

The number of owners in a group should  be kept to a minimum as they have the greatest control over the group.


The manager role can do the following:

  • Send messages to the group.
  • Change group settings.
  • Add or remove group members, excluding owners.


Everyone in a group has the member role by default and can do the following:

  • Moderate metadata, such as tags, and assign topics in collaboration groups.

Permissions given to the Members role are automatically applied to all other roles.

Manage group roles

Group owners can view all permissions and change roles for individual members using the following steps:

  1. Select the group you wish to manage and near the top right, click Members.
  2. From the sortable list of members, point to the member and in the Role column, select the desired role.
  3. Change multiple members’ roles at once by checking the box next to their names (hover over their name for the box to appear) and click the Change role icon and select the desired role.
    Click the Change Role icon to assign a new role to the selected member(s).
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