General Description

Pardee 28 is dual purpose, collaborative computer classroom. It can be used in two modes – Presentation and Breakout, which are described in more detail in this document.

Pardee 28 in use by a class of students

  • There are 30 student PCs installed on top of 6 hexagonal tables. Each table has a 55” LCD display on the adjacent wall.
  • The instructor’s station includes a PC, document camera, Blu-Ray/DVD player, and aux HDMI input.
  • A touch panel on the instructor’s workstation controls the room’s operation.

Powering up the room AV system

  • Start the system by touching the [Power] button at the center of the touch panel.
  • This powers on the displays and puts the room into “Presentation mode” by default.

Using Presentation Mode

Presentation mode can be selected by pressing the [Presentation Mode] button on the top/left of the touch panel screen.

  • When the system is first powered on, Presentation Mode is selected by default.
  • In Presentation Mode, the room functions like a standard Smart Classroom with a few differences.
  • Selecting one of the source buttons causes that source’s video to be displayed on the instructor’s preview screen.
  • Pressing the green [Send to Displays] button located at bottom-center of the touch panel sends the selected source’s video to all six of the LCD table displays.
  • There may be a slight delay between pressing the [Send to Displays] button and the image appearing on the screen. This is normal operation as the displays synchronize with the video signal.
  • Source audio is played through six ceiling speakers, located above each table. Audio (Volume up and down, Mute) can be controlled via the “Volume” controls pane on the right side of the touch panel.

Using the CYNAP to wirelessly screencast to the displays

  • Coming summer 2021.

Using Breakout Mode

Breakout Mode can be selected by pressing the [Breakout Mode] button on the top/right of the touch panel. Switching to Breakout Mode causes the table displays to switch input modes. Once switched, the table displays are independent, and will show the computer that is selected via the Show Me button on the base of the computer display.

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