Sometimes faculty like to enter grades into Moodle using Excel rather than directly through Moodle gradebook. This method requires one to export then import the gradebook.

Before following the instructions below, be sure to have the assignments or grade items already established in your gradebook.

  1. From your course, click the Grades tab.
  2. Select Export from the drop-down menu on the upper left of the page.
  3. Choose Excel spreadsheet to the right of “Export as” to ensure the gradebook is exported for Excel, or select another format if you wish. Select the grade items you want to export or export them all and select any other options that apply under the Export format options drop-down.
    • Click the [Download] button.
  4. Open the downloaded Excel file and enter grades in the appropriate columns. Do not add additional columns and do not change the text of any existing columns.
  5. If a column doesn’t exist in the Excel file, add the assignment or grade item first in Moodle then export it again.
  6. Save the Excel file as a CSV (Comma Separated Values) file.
  7. From the course again, click the Grades tab.
  8. Select Import from the drop-down menu on the upper left of the page.
  9. Click the [CSV file] tab (if needed, because it should be selected by default).
  10. Drag and drop the CSV file you just saved to the File box.
  11. Click the [Upload grades] button.
  12. IMPORTANT: Within the Identify user by section, set the [Map from] field to Email address and the [Map to] field to Email address.
  13. Map the grade item or items to the appropriate item or items you graded in Excel.  Anything you did not modify or that remains ungraded can be left at the default Ignore.
  14. Click the [Upload grades] button to finish.
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