Using Managed Software Center

Managed Software Center can be found in your Applications Folder. It can also be launched by typing “Managed Software Center” into a Spotlight search.

Managed Software Center shown in the Applications Folder

The main view of Managed Software Center is accessed by selecting the Software tab at the top of the window and will display applications that are available for you to install or remove with a simple click of a button. Clicking on any of the Software Category links on the right side will filter the list of software to those titles in that category.

Managed Software Center Window


You can click on any software title to see more details about that item.

Software detail view of Managed Software Center showing detail of Microsoft Office 2019


Managed Software Center periodically checks for updates in the background. If there are pending software updates that require your attention, the updates tab will show them. Click update to start a pending update.

Managed Software Center window showing Firefox pending update


If there are conflicting applications running, or if the installation requires a reboot, you will be presented with a further notification.

Managed Software Center window showing action required


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