The Lafayette College Marketplace is an eCommerce platform (hosted by TouchNet) which allows college departments to accept payments for products or services.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I request a new store or modifications to an existing store?

Store requests should be submitted via or by calling 5501.

How long will it take to hear about my initial request for a store?

You should expect confirmation within 2-4 business days.

Can I create my own products within my store?

Initial store setup is performed by the Controllers Office.  Maintenance access to the store can be granted after the initial setup.

How do payments for my products end up in the appropriate account?

As part of the intake process, the Controller’s office will set up your store accounting and will also determine if products are taxable items.

Are there fees associated with using the Marketplace?

There are no fees associated with utilizing the Marketplace.

What are the responsibilities of my department after the store is set up?

Your department will be trained and will be responsible for processing payments, packaging and shipping, and managing products.  Part of the intake process will be to assign roles for Store Manager, Fulfiller, Store Contact, and Store Accountant. One person may fill all the roles or you may designate a separate person for each role. Best practices will be discussed during implementation. Role definitions are:

  • Store Manager: manages store settings including designating fulfiller, managing products, creating categories, adding images, and managing payment methods, and can review store revenue reports by product, stock number, product type, and totals. This may or may not be a person from your department.
  • Fulfiller: fulfills, refunds, or cancels orders but cannot make any changes to store settings. It’s important to note that if you mail out a product that’s been ordered but don’t fulfill the order through the Marketplace website, you won’t be paid for that order.
  • Store Accountant: views store reports but cannot make any changes to store settings.
  • Store Contact: This contact appears on the store site via the “Contact Us” link in the bottom navigation bar. The user assigned this role must have their email address entered in their user profile. This email also appears in the automatically generated order confirmation emails sent to buyers.

Is Lafayette College branding required for our stores?

Yes. Communications Division has created style sheets for stores and has a Flickr account with campus images that may be used.

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