Media ( is the College’s solution for streaming video to public and internal audiences. Based on Kaltura MediaSpace, the platform is typically used to share public-facing videos without the heavy-branding or social media sharing capabilities of external solutions such as YouTube.

It can also be used as an internal-facing tool to stream videos to campus by providing private channels or galleries that are only available to specific authenticated users. The service is available to faculty, staff, and students at the College.

Common use cases include:

  • Uploading projects of any size
  • Supporting multiple publishing formats
  • Viewing projects on multiple platforms including mobile devices
  • Limiting access to projects if necessary
  • Creating screencasts
  • Streaming academic video content

For more information, visit Managing Content in MediaSpace.

Kaltura for Moodle, is the preferred method of sharing video with students. The “Kaltura video assignment” type can be used to gather work from students, while the “Kaltura video resource” can be used to stream course-specific content to students.

All Kaltura media content is available from both and My Media in Moodle/Spaces.

If you would like to create a public or private channel on Media, send a message to the Help Desk at

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