From the Course overview block, the default selection is to show all courses except those that are removed from view. Other options are to show In progress courses, Future courses, Past courses, Starred courses, or Removed from view courses.


Drop-down list for the Course overview block on the Moodle dashboard

The Starred course option allows you to hand select which courses you want to display in your Course overview block. To star a course, click the “” on the course card and choose “Star this course”. You will also find the option to “Remove from view” which will remove the course from your Course overview block (not hide the course from students). Starring courses is a great way to customize your list of courses. For example, if you frequently reference a past section of a course you are currently teaching, starring that past section lets you see them both side-by-side in your Course Overview block.


"Star this course" and "Remove from view" options listed for course in the Course Overview block

Other options in the Course overview block include:

  • Sort order – sort classes either by the Course name or Last accessed
  • Display options – Card, List, or Summary.

Choose the sort order and display for courses in the course overview block.

The Card option shows the course cards with default or optional picture as well as the name of the course. The List option shows a list of all course by name and the Summary view displays the course name with a small version of the course picture in a list format.

The Moodle dashboard also contains a Recently accessed courses block showing the most recently accessed courses with the option to click back through previously accessed courses.

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