Configure notifications

How do I configure all of my Moodle notifications?

  1. Log in
  2. Select the drop-down arrow to the right of your account image.
    user menu in Moodle
  3. Select “Preferences” from the drop-down menu.
    locating "preferences" from the user menu in Moodle
  4. Select “Notification preferences” on the Preferences page.
    navigation to the Notification preferences in Moodle
  5. On the Notifications page, you can choose which notifications you would like to toggle off or on for both web and email notifications.

How can I receive email notifications for new Quiz submissions?

Email Notifications for Individual Quizzes

  1. Locate the individual Quiz in your Moodle Course.
  2. Select the vertical ellipsis menu and choose “Edit Settings”.
  3. Select the [More] menu and choose “Permissions”.
  4. Search for the setting, “emailnotifysubmission”, in the [Filter] search box.
  5. Select the [+] button in the Allow (first) column.
    shows the "email notifiy submission" in the quiz override settings and the plus icon for the allow role.
  6. On the “Allow role” window, select [Teacher].
    Shows the Allow role window with the 'teacher' role button highlighted for selection.

As a teacher in the course, you will now receive email notifications when new quiz attempts are made.

Email Notifications for all Quizzes in your Course

  • Those with the Leader/Teacher role in the course may contact the Help Desk to have an ITS professional override the “email notify submission” setting at a course-wide level. This will allow the instructor to receive email notifications for all quizzes (both new and old) within the course.
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