OurCampus is the College’s student organization management system. It has its own internal event system. To ensure that your event promotion reaches users on OurCampus as well as the College Calendar, you may choose to enter your event information within OurCampus and set its visibility to “Everyone”. Doing so will cause it to be synced from OurCampus to the corresponding public calendar in the College Calendar.

The OurCampus-to-College Calendar syncing happens about every five minutes and uses the following category mappings:

OurCampus Event TypeCalendar of Events Category
Arts & EntertainmentArts & Entertainment
Career AdvisingCareer Advising
Civic & Social ActionCommunity Outreach
Community OutreachCommunity Outreach
GeneralStudent Life
Health & WellnessHealth & Recreation
Recreation & LeisureHealth & Recreation
Presentations & LecturesPresentations & Lectures
Religious & SpiritualReligious Life
Social EventsSocial Events
Training & WorkshopsTraining and Workshops

Note that events that are entered in the College Calendar will not populate the OurCampus calendar.