The Post Expirator plugin allows you to add an expiration date to pages and posts leading to the automatic un-publishing of the page/post upon expiration. This is useful for news-type posts that are only relevant for a limited period of time. Un-publishing ‘old’ posts helps to keep your news feed uncluttered and relevant.

Enabling the Post Expirator Plugin

  1. From the Dashboard of your Forge site, click Plugins
  2. Click “Activate” next to the Post Expirator plugin

Post Expirator Settings

To adjust the default settings for the plugin, go to Settings Post Expirator from the Dashboard.

General Settings:

  • Set the Date and Time Format
  • Default Date/Time Duration – a custom duration allows you to set the default expiration time to set length of time such as one month after the post/page publishing date
  • Default Expiration Category – choose a default post category to be expired
  • Expiration Email Notifications – decide if an email notification should be sent when a post/page is expired
  • Post Footer Display – choose whether or not a post/page with a set expiration displays the expiration date in the footer of the page/post


Decide what happens to posts, pages, or people posts once the expiration date has been met. For example, a post may expire into a Draft or it may be moved directly into the Trash. You can also decide if all new posts/pages are automatically set to expire.

Using Post Expirator

If Post Expirator is activated for the site, all posts/pages will have a “Post Expirator” box on the right-hand side of the editing window.

Red box around "Post Expirator" box in WordPress editing window for a new post.

Set up Expiration Date

  1. In the Post Expirator box, check “Enable Post Expiration”
  2. Choose a year, month, day, and time for the expiration date (note: if you set a default custom date in the Post Expirator settings, that will appear here)
  3. Set the “How to expire” setting (note: if you set a default expiration method in the Post Expirator settings, that will appear here)
  4. Publish the post/page
  5. Once the expiration date/time has been reached, the page/post will be set as a draft or deleted based on what settings you choose

From the main Posts/Pages page in the Dashboard, you will see the Expiration date listed for any page/post with an expiration date enabled.

Red box around expiration date for a post on the Posts homepage

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