Recording multiple video feeds in Zoom allows you to automatically create an interactive video in Kaltura that uses a picture in picture video player allowing viewers to view both feeds simultaneously, swap between the feeds, and view one feed at a time.

Enable Separate Video Feed Recording

  1. Log in to your Lafayette Zoom account at
  2. Click Settings from the sidebar menu on the left
  3. Click the Recording tab and scroll down to the “Cloud recording” section
  4. Uncheck “Record active speaker with shared screen”
  5. Check “Record active speaker, gallery view and shared screen separately”
    • Check the desired video feeds you would like recorded such as “Active speaker” and “Shared screen” to create an interactive view of the shared screen and speaker’s camera
    • Leaving all three choices selected will result in the recording of three video feeds which will be viewable in the video player but can be confusing for viewers as there will be three choices instead of two
      Recording settings in Zoom with "Record active speaker, gallery view and shared screen separately" checked
  6. Scroll to the bottom of the Cloud recording settings and click [Save]

Note: The settings will not take affect for a Zoom meeting that is already in progress.

Viewing the Recording in Kaltura

All Cloud recordings in Zoom are automatically saved in your Kaltura My Media (“My Media” in Moodle/Spaces and “My Media” on Recordings that have more than one separate video feed are automatically viewable in an interactive video player that allows for the following options:

  • Picture in picture: A single video player with a large view of one video and a smaller box displaying the second view with an option for the viewer to toggle between which feed is large and which is small
  • Side by side: A single video player where both videos can be viewed simultaneously
  • Single view: A single video player showing only one of the video feeds with an option for the viewer to toggle between feeds

Additional information about navigating the picture in picture player and its controls can be found on Kaltura’s knowledge base.

Sharing the Recording with Others

All Kaltura media can be published on, shared privately with collaborators on published in a course on Moodle or Spaces. More information can be found on the Audio and Video Help page.

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