Google Calendar provides a simple interface through which to schedule your courses with Zoom. Reoccurring Calendar events allow for the use of a single Zoom URL to simplify joining the class session as well as other features.

Setting up your course meetings in Google calendar

  1. In Google Calendar, click on the day/time of the first class to create a new event
  2. Click “More options” 
    Click "More options"
  3. Click “Does not repeat” to add reoccurring meetings (i.e. every Tuesday/Thursday from 1:30 p.m. -2:30 p.m.), use the “Custom…” option to select multiple days of the week as well as an end date
    Custom recurrence options allow for multiple days of the week and a specific number of occurrences
  4. Click [Done]
  5. Click “Add video conferencing” to add Zoom video conferencing to every class meeting (the meeting ID will be the same for meetings in this event series)
    Click "Add video conferencing" and select Zoom Meeting
  6. In the “Add guests” field, type in the name of your course Google Group to add all members of your class (see Google Groups for Courses for more information)
  7. Click [Save], you will be given the option to send invitation emails to invited guests

All members of the course will now have each class meeting on their Google Calendar with a Zoom link attached.

Additional Options

Some additional options include adding a description to the event in the “Add description” field or attaching files (Google Drive files or uploaded files) to the calendar event available to all guests.

Add files and additional information in the "Add description" field

You can also message all or some of the invited guests by clicking on the event in Google Calendar and clicking the “Mail” icon.

Email guests with the 'email' icon in the Google Calendar event.

From here you can select who you would like to message and what the message will include. Messages sent this way will automatically include the event details and the Zoom meeting information.

Joining the Zoom Meeting

You can join your scheduled class meeting either through Google Calendar, through the Zoom web interface (, the Zoom client on your computer, or app on your smartphone/tablet.

In Google Calendar, click on the calendar event, and click “Join Zoom Meeting”. You will then be prompted to open Zoom and join.

Using the Zoom web interface, Zoom desktop client, or Zoom app will all display the meeting link and the option to “Start” the meeting.

Click "Start" to begin the meeting in the Zoom desktop client

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