The recommended way to access shared accounts is to use the following steps to allow users of the shared account access from their personal Lafayette Gmail account without needing to log into the shared account separately. Alternatively, you can also use a private browsing window to log into the shared account without needing to log out of your personal Lafayette Gmail account.

To add a shared email account to your personal Lafayette Gmail account:

  1. Log into your shared Lafayette Gmail account from a private browsing window
  2. Go into Settings  and select Accounts
  3. Under the Grant access to your account: section, select [Add a mail account]
  4. Enter the full email address of the account(s) that should have access to the shared account and click Next
  5.  In the next window, select [Send email to grant access]
  6. The recipient will receive an email in their personal Lafayette account and upon accepting access, will see the shared account listed under their accounts as a “Delegated” account
    Delegated account

When a user should no longer have access to the shared account, the account owner can follow the above steps to revoke their access by deleting the account from the list under Grant access to your account: in the Accounts settings.