Google Shared drives is a shared space in Google Drive where teams can create, store, collaborate on, and access all their team-owned files. The following chart provides information about the different membership roles in Shared drives and their level of access.

Action Manager Content Manager Contributor Commenter
View files and folders X X X X
Comment on files X X X X
Make/approve/reject edits X X X
Create/upload files and create folders X X X
Restore files from the Trash (up to 30 days) X X X
Move files from My Drive to Shared drive X X X
Delete files X X
Move files/folders within a Shared drive X X
Can move files from one Shared drive to another Shared drive X
Add/remove members X
Share folders in a Shared drive X
Delete Shared drive X
Modify Shared drive settings X
Permanently delete files in the trash X

The Viewer role only has permission to view files and folders and no other form of access or editing permissions.

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