SketchUp is a 3D modeling software often used to create models for 3D printing. There are also a number of 3D models available for download. SketchUp Pro is available on workstations in the Acopian Engineering Center.

Installing SketchUp

On my College-provided device

Engineering Faculty and Staff may install SketchUp using the Software Center for Windows.

If you do not see it listed in Software Center, pleaseĀ Contact the Help Desk.

On my personal device

A cloud-based, free version is availableĀ here.

Students have two other options:

  • Purchase a personal copy of SketchUp Studio from Creation Engine here.
  • Download SketchUp Make 2017, which is the last free, desktop based version of SketchUP.

Note that SketchUp is not backwards compatible, so models created in a newer version will not be able to be opened in the 2017 version

Tutorials for both the Free web-based version and the desktop versions can be found in Linked in Learning.

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