The Re:view extension for Chrome allows you to easily view and test your WordPress site for mobile. Verifying that your website responds to a mobile or tablet format in a user friendly way ensures that users have a good experience navigating your site regardless of what device they are using. Responsive websites also benefit those who may be using assistive technology such as a screen reader to view your site.

Steps for Installing the Re:view plugin

  1. From a Chrome browser, go to the Re:view extension page
  2. Click [Add to Chrome] and confirm “Add extension” when prompted
  3. Once installed, you will see the icon for the extension in your Chrome menu bar
    Re:view plugin button located in the menu bar in Chrome browser
  4. Navigate to a page you want to test with the extension and click the Re:view button in the menu bar
  5. The “Breakpoints View” allows you to expand and contract the width of your webpage to see what the ‘breakpoints’ are – this is the width at which the layout of the page changes (e.g. the menu collapses into a hamburger or content is reordered)
    Breakpoint view in the Re:view plugin
  6. The “Device Wall” option allows you to preview your webpage on various devices such as different models of iPhones or Android devices
    The device wall view allows you to choose what devices you would like to preview your webpage on.

If your content does not function as intended, a reorganization of the page or content is probably in order. You may also encounter things like text that takes a long time to scroll through when viewing on a mobile device. Anticipating how your audience is interacting with your website (e.g. mobile device or tablet) can prompt you to organize and design your content with your audience in mind.

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