What are Hotspots?

Hotspots are a great way to deliver content to your viewers and allow for viewer interaction throughout your video without breaking the flow of a video. Hotspots can be added text included in your video as a way to deliver content, such as including some factual information. They can also include a link to an outside source such as:

  • Another video
  • A form/survey
  • A shared Google Doc
  • An article
  • A pdf
  • A citation

Hotspots can also take viewers to a different time point in a video.

Creating Hotspots in Kaltura

Hotspots are created using the Kaltura Video Editor.

  1. Create your video recording in any manner you see fit or using the following instructions: Managing content in Media Space.
  2. From either moodle.lafayette.edu or media.lafayette.edu, navigate to “My Media.”
  3. Click on the recording for which you wish to add hotspots to navigate to the media page.
  4. Click on “Launch Editor” from the “Actions” drop down menu and follow Kaltura’s step-by-step instructions on creating and customizing hotspots in Kaltura.
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