Letter grades cannot be entered into the Moodle gradebook in a manner that aggregates them into the course grade but it is possible to enter numerical grades and set them to display as letter grades to students. Letter grades can be set to display to students for individual grade items or the entire gradebook. Faculty may also customize the numeric-to-letter grade conversion scheme for the course.

Configure and Use Letter Grades:

Customize the Numeric-to-letter grade conversion

Note: The conversion scheme will apply course wide and cannot be customized for individual grade items.

  1. Navigate to the gradebook for the course
  2. In the navigation tabs across the top of the gradebook, select Letters
    • The following page will display the various letter grades and what percentage grade will result in that letter grade. For example, an ‘A’ is set to display for a 93%-100% grade by default.
  3. To customize the percentage range for each letter grade, click “Edit grade letters” or the Edit tab
  4. Check the “Override site defaults” to apply the changes to the course
  5. Set the desired percentage ranges
  6. Click [Save changes]

Display Letter Grades for a Category or Grade Item

  1. Navigate to the gradebook and select Setup from the navigation tabs
  2. Under the Actions column, select “Edit” for a given grade item or category total and choose “Edit settings” from the drop-down menu
  3. Expand the “Category total” and click “Show more…”
  4. In “Grade display type”, choose “Letter”
  5. Click [Save changes]

Display Letter Grades for the Course

  1. Navigate to the gradebook and select Setup from the navigation tabs
  2. Select “Course grade settings” from the second row of the navigation tabs
  3. In “Grade item settings”, set “Grade display type” to “Letter”
  4. In “User report”, set “Show letter grades” to “Show”
  5. Change additional settings as desired
  6. Click [Save changes]

Using Scales

  • Grade items such as Moodle Assignments or Forums allow the instructor to set the Grade Type to Scales – “Letters- A+ through F” but Scales are not factored into the aggregated course grade.
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