Creating a perusall Activity:

  1. Click the [Turn editing on] button
  2. Choose the topic block to which you would like to add your course Perusall resource
  3. Click Add an activity or resource
  4. Choose External Tool from the Activity Chooser
  5. Create a relevant Activity Name for the Perusall activity, and choose Perusall from the Preconfigured Tool option. Save your changes.

Creating Perusall Activity

Setting up Your Perusall Course

  1. Begin by clicking on your Perusall activity in Moodle.
  2. Another window will open, and you will see instructions for setting up the course in Perusall.
    Perusall Getting Started
  3. Make changes to your course as needed:
    1. LMS Links. Students will access the Perusall readings and assignments through the activity you previously created in Moodle.
    2. Set course start and end dateYou do not need to worry about enrolling students. They will self-enroll when they access the Perusall activity.
    3. Choose Readings. Upload documents, pictures, or select a textbook (that students may have to pay to access).
    4. Create Assignments. Create assignments from readings that you previously uploaded. You can change settings to assign page ranges, set deadlines, create instructions for students.

For more information about all of the features of Perusall available to you as an instructor, visit the Perusall Help Page for Instructors.


  • A Perusall activity for a given class in Moodle corresponds to a course in Perusall. For a given course, you will most likely only create a single Perusall activity. All assigned readings and collaborative annotation is handled from within Perusall.

Accessing Perusall (For Students):

  1. As a student, you would interact with the Perusall activity just as you would any other activity in Moodle.
  2. Once you click on the Perusall Activity, you will be taken to the course Perusall page that your instructor has set up.
  3. Navigate to [Assignments] to view assigned reading.
  4. Within the assigned reading, you have the options to highlight and comment, compile a list of excerpts, post and answer questions to the class, and bookmark passages.

For more information about all of the features of Perusall available to you as a student, visit the Perusall Help Page for Students.

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