Located at my.lafayette.edu, the campus portal provides single sign-on (SSO) and a starting point to access other online services. The portal is comprised of a series of themed blocks (e.g. “Find People and Places” and “Taking Classes”) with links to college services.

There are dedicated blocks for Moodle and Spaces that display your courses, a list of commonly access services, and a custom block where you can add your own links.

The portal blocks you see are based on your role at the College. For example, students have blocks for “Paying for School” and “Living on Campus” while faculty have blocks for “Advising Students” and “Faculty Business”, and employees have “Working at Lafayette” and “Travel for Work”.

You can submit questions and suggestions regarding the portal by submitting a help request.

Customizing your view of the portal

Add new block

There are additional blocks you can add to your portal page. Click ‘Customize’ on the right end of the blue tab bar and a list of the blocks should appear. Block titles that are blue are already on your portal tab, and the white ones can be added. Click the title or checkbox to add a block.

Minimize and remove blocks

On the block title heading, notice the arrow on the left. This allows you to keep a block on the page, but minimize it. To remove a block from your page, click the X icon on the right of the block title heading.

Reorganize blocks

To move your blocks to a different spot on your homepage, click and hold on the block title heading, then drag it to a desired area. You should see a dotted outline letting you see where the block will be placed before you let go. Change color of title box To change the color of your block title, click the gear symbol on the right side and select a color.

How to make a custom links block

You have the ability to create a block of links you specify. Look for the block titled, ‘My Custom Block’ and click on the link that says ‘Add your own custom links here. For each link you add, the ‘Title’ will be the text that shows in the block, and The ‘URL’ is the web address. Add additional links to your custom block, by clicking the ‘Add another item’ button. When you are finished adding content to your custom block, press ‘Save’ at the bottom of the page.

At any time, you can go back to add additional links, make changes or delete existing links.

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