Zoom FAQ

What is Zoom?

Zoom is a web conferencing service with a combination of tools such as video, audio, and screen sharing.

How do I get a Zoom account? 

Contact help@lafayette.edu for access to an account.

What are the different kinds of Zoom accounts?


  • Web conferences can be up to 40 minutes in duration
  • Up to 50 participants
  • No recording capabilities
  • Contact help@lafayette.edu for access to an account


  • Web conferences are unlimited in duration
  • Up to 50 participants
  • Recording capabilities
  • Contact help@lafayette.edu for access to an account


  • Up to 100 concurrent viewers
  • Recording capabilities
  • One-way communication out to participants
  • Viewers may provide comments if option is enabled
  • Contact help@lafayette.edu for access to an account

How do I access Zoom?

Access Zoom by visiting https://zoom.us/. Use your entire Lafayette email address and create your own password.

How do I get help with Zoom?

Help documentation can be found at https://support.zoom.us/hc/en-us. Additional help can be found via online chat at https://zoom.us/ or by phone 1(888)799-9666 ext 2. For help beyond what is offered by Zoom, contact the help desk at help@lafayette.edu.

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