An email forwarding account allows you to show your contacts, through your address, that you are a proud ’Pard. This service allows you to maintain your assigned address no matter what internet service provider you use.

How do I use this service?

All alumni are eligible to have an alumni forwarding account. However, you must opt in to the service.

To opt in, you need only provide Lafayette with the email address to which your messages should be forwarded. Visit to set up your forwarding address.

How soon after I opt in or change my email address will it take effect?

It can take up to two hours for your change to take effect. You will know it is working when you receive an auto-generated message in your email inbox.

How do I check my email?

All messages sent to your email address will be forwarded to the email address that you specified on the opt-in page.

How do I send messages as my

All emails will be sent using your existing email account. Your email provider may allow you to set up an alternate “Reply” address (also known as an alias) in your email account to show your You may need to check with your email provider for instructions on how to do this:

Having Trouble?

How do I find my NetID?

To find out your NetID, please contact the Office of Alumni Relations at (610) 330-5040 or 1-800-LAFAYETTE (outside of PA) or by email at

What is the format of my forwarding address?

Your forwarding address will always be your

Messages from Lafayette end up in my SPAM or Junk Mail account. How can I fix this?

To prevent messages sent from Lafayette from landing in your junk mail account, add the domain “” (without quotation marks) into your safe list. For specific directions, please check with your email service provider.

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