Registering Your Game Console or Network-Enabled Device

If you have a game console (Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo DS, Wii, etc.) or networkable device without a web browser (Apple TV, Roku, etc.) and would like to set it up for use from a campus residence, please follow these instructions to register your device for network access. Note: If you already registered your device during a previous year, you do not need to do so again.

Important:  Google Chromecast devices can NOT be registered for network connectivity at this time.  ITS will notify the campus community when these devices will be functional on the college's network.

Step 1. Determine your device's MAC Address. Access your game console or device's network set up and make note of the hardware address of the console. This is a 12-character alpha-numeric string usually separated by colons every two characters. For example, something like: 00:01:e3:a4:f0:da.

Step 2. Complete the Network Device Request Form

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