Faculty Desktop Program FAQ

The College’s Faculty Desktop Program provides funding for regular replacements of personal computer systems for all full-time faculty.

Q: Why are personal computers being replaced regularly instead of when they no longer work?
A: A regular cycle of replacement helps keep pace with changing technologies; helps budget for inevitable replacements in a planned manner; and minimizes the possibility that your work will be compromised by the failure of equipment no longer suited to task.

Q: How often are computers replaced?
A: The program is currently operating on a four-year replacement cycle — no faculty computer will be more than four years old, and every year approximately 1/4 of all faculty computers will be replaced with a new system. If the four-year cycle doesn't work for you please let us know so we can establish a schedule more appropriate to your needs.

Q: Who pays for it?
A: Funds for new faculty computers come out of the College's Consolidated Technology Budget.

Q: How will I know if I'm scheduled for a replacement?
Sometime in April, full-time faculty whose computers are scheduled for replacement will be contacted by ITS to begin the discussion of options, special needs, and scheduling.

Q: What are my options?
A: All full-time faculty can choose between a desktop system or a laptop system, and between Windows or MacOS. If another operating system is more appropriate to your needs, please let us know. All systems have similar hardware configurations; the minimum specifications for replacement systems are chosen with an eye towards current and anticipated computing needs.

Q: What happens to the files/email/programs on my current/old system?
A: ITS staff will transfer all of your important data to your new system and install current versions of all campus-licensed software. If you have any licensed applications that were not installed by ITS, you will need to supply the installation disks for these applications if you would like to have them installed on your new computer.

Q: What happens to my current/old system?
A: Your old system will be stored securely at ITS until a time when all data can be wiped clean from it in preparation for its next life. Computers that cannot be reused on campus will be donated to non-profit organizations. Computers that are considered unusable will be disposed of by an approved electronics recycler.

Q: Can I get a new system and keep my current/old system?
A: The Faculty Desktop Program and the Consolidated Technology Budget allow for one office system per faculty member. If this does not meet your needs, please talk to us about them.

Q: Can I keep my current desktop system and get a laptop for working away from campus?
A: ITS recommends that if you frequently need your personal computer when not on campus that you choose a laptop system for your replacement. The standard configuration for a laptop system will include an external monitor, keyboard, and mouse, which will allow the laptop to function like a desktop system in your campus office; when you leave the office, the laptop can easily travel with you.

Q: When will you replace my computer?
A: Replacements will begin as soon as the new equipment is received, typically in early July. Every effort will be made to complete the installation according to your scheduling preferences. However, due to volume and limited time, installation may run into the fall term.

Q: Am I required to be present when my computer is replaced?
A: Although the replacement of your computer can be accomplished without your presence, ITS prefers that you be present for privacy reasons and so that you can confirm that your new system is configured according to your preferences. If you can't be present for the replacement we request that you give us written permission to do it in your absence.

Q: My colleague has a computer older than mine and I was contacted but s/he wasn't. What happened?
A: We missed. Please have your colleague contact us ASAP so we can get her/him into the replacement schedule.

Q: I don’t know what I need!
A: We can figure that out when ITS staff contact you to discuss the replacement. If you would like to get a head start, or if you have questions about when you are due for a new computer, please contact the Help Desk and an ITS staff member will follow-up with you.(help@lafayette.edu or 610-330-5501).

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