What is Jupyter and JupyterHub?

  • Jupyter is an interactive service that provides a notebook environment designed for the development and execution of code, narrative text, mathematical expressions and rich media for data visualization.  A Jupyter Notebook is capable of supporting many different programming languages, however, focus is given to Julia, Python and R, from which its name is derived.
  • JupyterHub is the web service that delivers browser-based, multi-user support for the creation and spawning of individual Jupyter Notebook servers.

Who can access and use JupyterHub?

  • The JupyterHub service is specifically provided for use by Engineering program faculty and students.  All other user cases should consider making use of Google Colab
  • Please send an email to help@lafayette.edu requesting to use JupyterHub in a class, along with the course number and semester, together with the semester of the course.

How do I access the JupyterHub service?

How can I request a new or updated package?

  • Please send an email to help@lafayette.edu with the specific name of the package and any other relevant information about the package.

Can I export my Notebook document into other formats?

  • Jupyter Notebook documents (.ipynb files) can be exported to a number of common output file formats.  This is accomplished using the “Download As” function in the web interface.  Available output formats include:
    • AsciiDoc (.asciidoc)
    • HTML (.html)
    • LaTeX (.tex)
    • MarkDown (.md)
    • PDF via LaTeX (.pdf)
    • ReStructuredText or reST (.rst)
    • R (.r)
    • Reveal.js slides (.slide.html)
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