Here we have compiled a list of answers to the most common questions regarding Two Step Login. If you none of these help, or if you have additional questions, please contact the Help Desk at (610) 330-5501 or at

Traveling or living abroad?

Please review the information found on Two Step Login while abroad.

What is DUO Verified Push?

DUO Verified Push enhances the security of conventional two-step login by requiring you to enter a code on your device to complete the login. This added layer of security during authentication, helps individuals quickly identify and reduce potential phishing attempts including accidental approval of malicious logins.

Please review the information found on DUO Verified Push and Risk-Based Authentication

I need to access My Devices & Settings but I'm logged in automatically and never see the two-step login options

If you are logged in automatically from a remembered device, you need to open a new Private or Incognito window in your browser to get to the two-step login frame.

I updated the OS on my smart phone or bought a new phone and now I don’t get Push requests.

The DUO Mobile app must be reactivated after an OS update or getting a new phone. To reactivate DUO Mobile and receive Push requests again, follow the steps for Installing DUO Mobile.

I no longer receive phone calls for two-step login at my cell phone.

Incoming authentication requests for the Call Me method originate from (908) 258-6424 (Union, NJ). Make sure that the number for DUO is not on your blocked callers list.

I’d like to use a YubiKey/U2F key. Are there any in particular ITS recommends?

ITS recommends the Yubico Security Key. Some departments may wish to purchase them in packs directly from Yubico for a slight discount. They are also available from Amazon.

U2F keys work with the latest version of Chrome. Anyone with a brand new Apple MacBook Pro will need an USB-A adapter or YubiKey 4C. Linux users may need their systems set up for U2F depending on the type of key they use.

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